Want to do more than just say, “Thank you” to those who have sacrificed so much for the rest of us… but not sure what else to do? The Yellow Ribbon Fund does. Injured service members and their families have told us exactly what they need, and we provide it – practical assistance, offered with respect.

Below, you’ll find several ways you can join us in giving back…





Since the Yellow Ribbon Fund’s beginning, 81 CENTS OF EVERY DOLLAR spent has gone to meet the needs of injured service members and their families. All donations are tax deductible. YRF has not-for-profit status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and you will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of your donation as deductible under applicable IRS regulations. Click here to review our IRS Form 990 and our Internal Revenue Service Determination Letter, as well as our Audited Financial Statement. Our Federal Employer Identification Number is 36-4567583.

Make your donation online via Paypal:


Or make your donation online via Paypal “in honor of” or “in memory of” someone special:

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Or make your donation by check, made out to the Yellow Ribbon Fund. If your donation is in honor or memory of someone, please include a note with that information. Mail to:

Yellow Ribbon Fund
4905 Del Ray Avenue
Suite 500
Bethesda, MD 20814

CONTRIBUTIONS-IN-KIND are also put to good use. These may include tickets to sporting and cultural events, baby items, business suits for job interviews, furniture, gift cards, etc.

Before making in-kind contributions, please contact us at 240-223-1180 or by email to ensure the items are needed, as we do not have a storage facility. Contributions-in-kind are acknowledged by letter as tax deductible.

Anyone can volunteer to support the work of the Yellow Ribbon Fund. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES include – but are not limited to! – taking injured service members and their families to sporting and cultural events, organizing tours, hosting holiday gatherings, helping prepare events, assisting with office work, addressing envelopes for fundraisers, and more. Volunteers also serve as mentors and ambassadors, working one-on-one with injured service members who are transitioning to civilian life. (Please note that the one opportunity the Yellow Ribbon Fund does not offer is a program for visiting hospitalized service members.)

Volunteers who want to participate in Yellow Ribbon Fund activities on military facilities must first submit an application for approval by facility officials. The Department of Defense will require your Social Security number for a background check; this and all information submitted on the volunteer application remains confidential.

Approval and registration must be completed before beginning volunteer service. Then we’ll help you find the volunteer opportunities that are right for you.

So to get started, fill out the volunteer form.

All fundraising for the Yellow Ribbon Fund is done by our directors and volunteers, assisted by the staff. We rely on NO PROFESSIONAL FUNDRAISERS. Some supporters are inspired to organize or participate in fundraising efforts such as “cause” birthday parties, charity happy hours and athletic events, home fundraisers, golf tournaments, and more.

Contact Mark Robbins at 240-223-1180 or by email for help to make your fundraising efforts pay off for our injured heroes!

Latest Donation News:

“YRF supporter sends injured Marine & wife to Super Bowl!”

Latest Volunteer News:

“We never forget the families”

Latest Fundraising News:

“Taco John’s raises $100K for injured heroes”

The longtime YRF corporate donor has helped YRF build the BBQ patio and playground at Walter Reed for families of the injured, among other projects.

Corporate supporter TW Perry sent one of our injured service members and his wife to the Super Bowl!

This was the 5th year that the referees have donated Super Bowl tickets to raise funds to support the injured and their families.

The NFL Referees Association donated two tickets to the big game to raise funds for the Yellow Ribbon Fund at our Gala last fall.

Volunteer auctioneer Chris Martens got the bidding started.

During the auction, the bidding started out at the face value of $1,600 for the two tickets. All of a sudden, TW Perry’s president and CEO, Michael Cassidy, shouted out a surprise bid of $6,000 – on the condition that the tickets go to the injured Marine and his wife who were sitting at his table. The room erupted in cheers.

Airfare, hotel, and ground transportation were also provided.

Corporal Jessie Fletcher (Ret) was wounded in Afghanistan when he stepped on an improvised explosive device. Thanks to TW Perry, he and his wife Emily, who saw him through his recovery, spent Super Bowl weekend enjoying that all-American event – a small down payment on the debt of thanks owed to them both for their service to our country.

Listen to what Jessie had to say about how important Emily was to his recovery.

Volunteers helped make this moment happen!

The holidays can be a tough time to be far from home — even tougher when a loved one is struggling to recover from serious physical and psychological injuries. So every holiday season the Yellow Ribbon Fund’s volunteers make sure no family at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center or Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital is forgotten. They help host YRF’s holiday parties for patients, families, and staff at both hospitals, plus a third party for psychiatric inpatients recovering from the invisible wounds of war.

Volunteer elves decorate the facilities…

…organize photo ops with Santa…

…serve up refreshments…

…hand out new toys donated by our supporters…

…and give away goody bags, gift cards, tablets, and iPads.

We call these special events “Uncle Vito’s Christmas Parties” for the man who makes them happen, YRF board member Vito A. Pampalona, above right. Over the years, more than 3,000 injured troops and family members have been the guests of Uncle Vito and YRF. Other volunteers have adopted families with an injured loved one for Christmas and collected hundreds of greeting cards from their coworkers for distribution at Walter Reed.

The complimentary feasts are served up along with more toys for the little ones and goody bags for the adults.

In addition, our dedicated volunteers leave their own families on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day to help provide Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas brunch for families with injured loved ones.

Volunteers say it’s an honor to serve military families.

Before YRF started this tradition, only injured service members received complimentary holiday meals at the hospital. Serving the families who’ve sacrificed so much for our country is one of the ways we say thank you.

(Many thanks to volunteer photographer Jack Tierney for capturing the Christmas festivities!)

Left to right: Jeff Brands, CEO, Taco John’s of Iowa; Stuart Pierson, field marketing manager, Taco John’s International; Mark Robbins, executive director, YRF; Rick Kammerer, franchisee and chairman of the Taco John’s Advertising Production
Committee; Todd Geatches, Dir. of Operations,Taco John’s restaurants owned by Clayton Hartman.

Taco John’s raised $100,000 to support the work of the Yellow Ribbon Fund through the sale of Nachos Navidad® – a seasonal menu item the fast food chain has tied to charitable giving for 18 years. This is the second year that they’ve partnered with YRF. (Watch the check presentation video, including remarks by YRF’s executive director, Mark Robbins.)

Franchisees can also use Nachos Navidad® to support local charities. This year two franchisee ownership groups, Taco John’s of Iowa, Inc., and the Taco John’s restaurants owned by Clayton Hartman, decided to add their local charitable efforts to the Yellow Ribbon Fund. Each raised nearly $25,000 to help injured service members and their families.

“Having their families with them is a key part of the recovery process for these wounded service members. This donation will help fund lodging and transportation when families make extended visits,” says Rick Kammerer, a Taco John’s franchisee and chairman of the chain’s advertising production committee. “[It] will impact thousands of soldiers and family members. It’s a great feeling to be able to help [them] heal.”

In addition to the cash donation, Taco John’s is also providing a 13-foot banner filled with words of support for the wounded. The oversized greeting card will be displayed for service members at various facilities.

Taco John’s guests were invited to digitally sign or text-in a message for display on the banner.

“The service men and women who benefit from this donation are very grateful. They’re somewhat humbled by it, but in all fairness, we’re humbled by what they’ve done and the sacrifices they’ve made,” says Mark Robbins, executive director of YRF. “Their injuries are lifelong. They’re going to be dealing with them forever.”

Thanks to supporters like Taco John’s, they won’t be dealing with them alone.