Family Caregiver Program                       

Since its start, the Yellow Ribbon Fund has acknowledged and honored the crucial role caregivers have in the recovery of their wounded, ill, or injured service member. We also realize caregivers often sacrifice their own physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. We provide respite and comfort to those facing the unrelenting task of seeing their loved one through the recovery process. We also provide educational opportunities and scholarships, financial planning, and career advice for caregivers who often need to take on new roles within their families during the service member’s convalescence.  

The Yellow Ribbon Fund’s Family Caregiver Program pioneered support for the family members and close friends who sacrifice so much while caring for their injured, ill, and wounded loved ones.

Support is provided during hospital recovery in the Washington, DC area (Walter Reed & Ft Belvoir) and continuing upon their return home. Our program is now nationwide, covering support in Ft Bragg- NC, Ft Campbell- KY, So. California, and San Antonio-TX.

Free programs and services provide support during the entire recovery process. They include:

  • Stress-relieving massages and spa visits
  • Family/Social Team Building and Bonding activities- Family Fun Day at the Farm, Family Movie Night, Family Day at a Nationals Game
  • Caregiver Wellness events – (Zumba, Yoga, Krav Maga and CrossFit) Encouraging physical and mental wellness through exercise
  • Caregiver Networking opportunities – hosting networking events, dinners, resource fairs
  • Scholarships and career mentoring (Colorado Technical University and the Pillars of Strength Scholarship for UMUC )
  • Weekly Coffee meetup group
  • Art/Music –Paint night
  • Financial Advisement Assistance – FIRST COMMAND
  • Patriot Point Retreat –Paint Night, Cooking Lesson, Massages/Facials, Bonfire on the beach

Pillars of Strength

The Pillars of Strength scholarship program is one of the only full scholarships offered to Caregivers who wish to further their education. These Caregivers will pursue various degrees without having to worry about the financial costs.